“It’s not like last year.” Timmy Anderson thought as he weaved through the many school students. This year, he was in middle school instead of elementary. Timmy was nervous, as he would have to adjust a lot to his new schedule, and new peers as well. Instead of just going from his elementary to middle, he had moved to a new state the summer before seventh grade. Timmy was a little excited for middle school, but knowing he had to adjust and had no friends yet worried him. “I hope this goes well.” he mumbled and entered his first class.

100 Word Challenge- Wish

If I had one wish, it would be for everyone to have the basic needs everyone has. Food, clothes and shelter are the basic needs. This would make the world a better place and if people had less things to worry about, maybe they could focus more on helping stop global warming and serious matters like that. Besides, it would probably make people overall happier. With donation money that usually would go to the homeless, we could focus more on helping with things like littering and pollution. Overall, it would just make the world a better place

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100 Word Challenge Week 11

I believe that trains are the best way to transport. They are often cheaper and run on time. They usually are not accessible for daily travel, they are mostly used for shipping. The way I travel is by bus or car. They affect the environment in the same way. Vehicle emissions can consist of carbon monoxide, which is bad for our health, and carbon dioxide, which contributes to global warming. If people could not travel, then how would we get where we needed to go? We would have to walk, which would be better for our health and global warming. 

My School

 I go to McDowell Middle School. This writing is about a typical day at my school. The typical school hours are 7:55 AM to 2:33 PM. I ride the bus, so I leave for school at 7:22. We have a set schedule for each class. The duration of each class is usually between fifty minutes and one hour. We have lunch and academic enrichment (A.E) for only thirty minutes. On Fridays, if we have good grades and have nothing missing, then for academic enrichment we go outside. We usually play tag or soccer in the grass. 

    Instead of going to three different schools, we actually go to four. We go to elementary(K-4), intermediate(5-6), middle school(7-8), and then we go to high school. Usually it’s only elementary, middle school, and then high school.    

    We have many teachers, starting in third grade. In third grade we had two, then in intermediate school we had three. We do not get to choose what we learn. The only choice we had was if we wanted Guided Study, or if we wanted gym. Even then sometimes we didn’t get the one we picked out. We learn Math, Science, ELA, Social Studies, and Art. The next half of the year for me I do technology instead of Art. 

    The technology we have at our school are chromebooks. Everyone at the school gets a chromebook. They can be very irritating sometimes, sometimes they don’t work, they are slow, or the keys stop working. At least we get chromebooks though, because having to write out long essays would be very tiring. 

    Our elementary schools are very old and used to be high schools. There are 3 of them, and they all are over one hundred years old. A new school is being built for every grade, k-12. 

  That is a little about my school and its history! Thanks for reading!


100 Word Challenge- Week 10


This picture makes me feel sad for many reasons. We humans have a wonderful world but we are just polluting it. In time, the air we breathe will all be polluted. Some countries, like India, are so polluted that the toxic air kills more than one million people per year. This pollution problem not only affects us people, but it also affects ecosystems. Pollution stunts plant growth, which is less food for primary consumers, and it goes down from there. It is just disappointing how we are polluting our own home, and creating more problems than what we have now. 

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100 Word Challenge- Week #9

 Global warming is a bigger problem than some may think. Global warming is an urgent problem that needs to be solved and discussed as soon as possible. Ecosystems are suffering. In the Arctic, ice that the polar bears use to get around on and live on is melting, which causes them to evacuate parts of their homes. Fish and seals are also threatened by global warming. The polar bear’s outcome is turning red by the second. The Apple industry announced that it reached 100% renewable energy worldwide. If we work together to stop pollution, we don’t have to be afraid.

My Picture

For this collage picture, I chose to insert photos of my rabbits. I enjoy showing them because it is fun. The three rabbits in the photos are my best rabbits. They are Rex. Their names are Pebbles, Pearl, and Horse-face! Horse-face is the white and grey one (broken blue), Pebbles is the black and white rabbit (broken black), and Pearl is the black rabbit (black otter). I created this picture with Canva. Thank you for reading!