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100 Word Challenge Week #21

“Are you ready to go hiking?” Emily’s mom asked her. “No way. It’s too cold outside and I want to stay home and watch the Olympics Skiing, anyway. The winter Olympics don’t happen all the time!” Emily replied. Her mom crossed her arms and sighed. “You can watch the Olympics again on your phone.” Emily rolled her eyes. “Fine.” Later they arrived at their destination to hike. Emily’s mother pulled out a pair of skis. “I thought we were hiking?” Emily asked. “Nope, we are at a ski hill. Lets ski!” Emily grinned enthusiastically and began putting on her skis.

100 Word Challenge- Wish

If I had one wish, it would be for everyone to have the basic needs everyone has. Food, clothes and shelter are the basic needs. This would make the world a better place and if people had less things to worry about, maybe they could focus more on helping stop global warming and serious matters like that. Besides, it would probably make people overall happier. With donation money that usually would go to the homeless, we could focus more on helping with things like littering and pollution. Overall, it would just make the world a better place

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My School

 I go to McDowell Middle School. This writing is about a typical day at my school. The typical school hours are 7:55 AM to 2:33 PM. I ride the bus, so I leave for school at 7:22. We have a set schedule for each class. The duration of each class is usually between fifty minutes and one hour. We have lunch and academic enrichment (A.E) for only thirty minutes. On Fridays, if we have good grades and have nothing missing, then for academic enrichment we go outside. We usually play tag or soccer in the grass. 

    Instead of going to three different schools, we actually go to four. We go to elementary(K-4), intermediate(5-6), middle school(7-8), and then we go to high school. Usually it’s only elementary, middle school, and then high school.    

    We have many teachers, starting in third grade. In third grade we had two, then in intermediate school we had three. We do not get to choose what we learn. The only choice we had was if we wanted Guided Study, or if we wanted gym. Even then sometimes we didn’t get the one we picked out. We learn Math, Science, ELA, Social Studies, and Art. The next half of the year for me I do technology instead of Art. 

    The technology we have at our school are chromebooks. Everyone at the school gets a chromebook. They can be very irritating sometimes, sometimes they don’t work, they are slow, or the keys stop working. At least we get chromebooks though, because having to write out long essays would be very tiring. 

    Our elementary schools are very old and used to be high schools. There are 3 of them, and they all are over one hundred years old. A new school is being built for every grade, k-12. 

  That is a little about my school and its history! Thanks for reading!